SIAA2020 Highlights

SIAA 2020 Highlights thumbnail

SIAA was the AviAssist Foundations way of unifying the African aviation community in 2020. 

The past year has forced separation upon us. Thankfully, the powers of the World-Wide-Web meant we could still hold an informative event and preach about advancements in safety. 

While the team works behind the scenes on another FREE web event – SIAA2021, we thought it was necessary to highlight all the incredible work from our team of speakers last year. 

To watch the full uncut event click here

Fortunately, we cut out some of the team’s favourite speakers from SIAA2020 below 

[yotuwp type=”playlist” id=”PLIj6KNO3yRdShc7aGw4EIb_e4alBKib0U” ]

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