AviAssist Safety Promotion Centres

The AviAssist Safety Promotion Centres (ASPC) are places where professionals from all over Africa come to learn, research and experience aviation safety. At an ASPC, professionals and future professionals enjoy learning about aviation safety and get equipped to champion it. They support the development of technical & operational skills, address human factors and develop organizational & business skills. They inspire the visitors to establish safety in their minds and will be a cornerstone for professional development of aviation (safety) professionals in the host countries and their sub-region.

The ASPC-Rwanda is the first of a chain of three centres. It's an initiative by AviAssist and partners to create East Africa’s leading resource centre for safety promotion.

AviAssist Safety Promotion Centre


At ASPCs, learning focuses on building competency: creating the best possible combination of skills, knowledge and attitudes required to perform a task to international standards. The ASPC partners include accredited universities from the South and the North as well as aviation stakeholders in the host country and beyond.

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Effective safety management is based on homegrown research and data. Poor home grown data hurts the ability for the aviation industry to set priorities and make informed risk management and investment decisions. Most data used in Africa now to feed decisions on risk management comes from outside Africa. The ASPCs are changing that. The ASPCs work with the research capabilities of its partner universities.


Producing safety requires changing attitudes. The ASPC-Rwanda will immerse visitors in safety & unsafety to help with changing of attitudes. What does safety look like, sound like & feel like? We are building an interactive exhibition that will deepen the skills and knowledge obtained in the learning part of the ASPC-Rwanda. Field visits are part of our learning experience too.

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