Peer Support training

Trained peer volunteers, working with the oversight of qualified health professionals enhance the wellbeing of industry personnel, preserving careers and enhancing aviation safety. Delegates are equipped to work as a pilot peer supporter upon completion of this course.


The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of:

  • an overview of the most common psychological issues amongst pilots
  • the difference between psychology and psychiatry
  • basic listening and counselling skills
  • how to deal with people who are in crisis (note: national characteristics are very important in this area)
  • how to structure a peer support call, specifically how to start and end it
  • confidentiality (including signing the Peer Confidentiality Agreement)
    boundaries (practical as well as emotional - how to look after yourself)
  • how the relationship with the programme Mental Health Professional and Co-ordinator works in practice
  • external pathways to help for the airline(s) covered
  • the difficulties of offering support over the phone with no visual clues as to behaviour or state of mind
  • role playing in order to practice call techniques
  • how to conclude a case

The course content is based on international best practices, including the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative. The course will help you build safety excellence performance plans, support your insurance renewals and support your clients and customers.


There are no prerequisites for this course. In the context of a support programme, a ‘peer’ is a trained person who shares common professional qualifications and experience, and has encountered similar situations, problems or conditions with the person seeking assistance from a support programme. This may or may not be a person working in the same organisation as the person seeking assistance from the support programme.


At AviAssist, ICAO standards are our standards. Participants will be issued with an individual and uniquely numbered certificate of completion upon meeting all certification criteria.


The 2023 edition will take place from 16 - 18 October in Nairobi, Kenya.


  • Aviation Medical Examiners
  • (Future) Pilot Peer volunteers
  • Senior Managers from airlines who have oversight of support programmes
  • National Aviation Authorities (NAA’s) and Regulatory Bodies Subject Matter Experts on SPs or Peer Support
  • Psychologists and other mental health professionals

Registration fee

At AviAssist, we are keen to support the recovery from the Corona pandemic. This is why we make an extra effort to keep our courses affordable. In view of that and with extensive sponsoring by aircraft manufacturer ATR Aircraft, we can keep the course fee at only US$ 350 for African professionals (early bird rate of US$450 available). This includes a uniquely numbered and named certificate of completion (upon meeting all certification requirements).

PLEASE NOTE there is a maximum number of participants and places are assigned on a 'first come, first served' basis.


Our clinical psychologist, aviation psychologist and commercial pilot, Dr. Lucas van Gerwen Dr. Lucas van Gerwen will deliver this course. Contact us for a copy of his Letter of Credentials. Dr. van Gerwen will be assisted in the course delivery by Felicien Izaturwanaho (Bsc. in Psychology).

Peer Support training

October 16 | 8:00 am - October 18 | 9:00 am UTC+0
Nairobi, Kenya
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