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Your corporate friendship supports a shift in aviation safety in Africa. Your support will mean we can connect an African colleague to best aviation safety practices with a pay-it-forward subscription to SafetyFocus magazine. Donations small and large will impact the foundation's ability to equip African professionals with the latest best practices and skills, as well as encourage professionals to stay in the aviation industry.


Individual friends are at the heart of our work. As a friend you are part of a group dedicated to supporting African aviation safety professionals and inspiring the next generation of professionals. With an annual membership of €50, these important donors make affordable contributions to the Friends of AviAssist Foundation.

Friends receive their copy of the AviAssist Foundation’s SafetyFocus magazine to keep up to date on the Foundation’s work and qualify for discounts on many of our events.

Corporate Friend

Corporate Friends of AviAssist play a vital part in our work to support the continuing professional development of African aviation safety professionals. Corporate Friends contribute an annual donation of €500. At the same time, it enables you to work on maturing the market for your aviation products and/or services. Your corporate Friendship benefits include 5 pay-it forward subscriptions to SafetyFocus for African professionals in your network, a free annual advertisement in the SafetyFocus magazine & to hosting rights for AviAssist events.


With our partners, we build a long-term relationship. Together, we see how we can improve aviation safety. We have bronze, silver and gold partnerships, with partnerships starting at €5.000 for one year. Partners can also contribute by bringing the expertise needed to produce safety in African aviation now and in the future. Silver and gold partnerships are entered into for a minimum of 4 years.

Contribute as aviation expert

Are you an expert in an aviation operational safety subject? Do you have skills in the area of marketing, business development or Public Relations?

Join us on a professional development journey as a volunteer trainer or expert & develop your leadership resilience and cultura dexterity for our global industry.


We are very grateful for the support of partners, corporate friends and individual friends. Their support is crucial in mobilising safety expertise and funding to support (future) African aviation safety cheetahs.


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