My AviAssist Internship Boosted My Confidence In My Professional Capabilities: Georgiana Craighead

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My AviAssist Internship boosted my confidence in my professional capabilities

I have been given the privilege to intern for a company that fights for a great cause. They are called AviAssist and are a non-profit organisation within the aviation industry.

AviAssist has been sculpting the path towards achieving high standards of safety for African aviation since 1995. Have a look at this video for a summary of their work.

This independent, nonprofit foundation provides affordable access to various aviation-related training courses, to then reinvest its revenue into African aviation safety.

Africa is the world’s second-biggest air transport growth market and there is a lot of work concerning modernising infrastructure and operations.

AviAssist is constantly dedicating its work to bringing the required attention to African aviation safety growth. The foundation is looking at safety from all possible angles - have a look at this article.

My Internship Experience

I worked as part of the Marketing team and during my time here I have learned a lot of things that helped improve my confidence.

The reason I wanted an Internship in the first place was to broaden my experience in digital marketing and to take on new challenges.

I am thankful to have been given a chance within an organisation that has been running for over 25 years.

When I first joined, I learned that the marketing department was recently created and that is why they needed the support.

The projects that I worked on during my internship helped widen the outreach on their social platforms whilst always generating relevant content to create a buzz around their cause.

I worked closely under the guidance of Tom Kok, the Director of AviAssist and Ada Aukje Engel, our Communications & PR Representative. There were also times when I would communicate with our colleagues in Rwanda, at the AviAssist Safety Promotion Centre.


The images above represent some of the excellent work that Georgiana produced for the Foundation. They include a promotion campaign for the Foundation's internet TV Focus Sessions (far left), an image celebrating our female experts on 2022 Women's Day and a social media image celebrating our crucial volunteers.

We would always start the week with the marketing meeting to brainstorm and discuss ideas to establish the best posts for the days that followed.

My work consisted of making a plan for marketing campaigns, creating images, editing videos, writing and scheduling content for social media and designing email newsletters. I overall worked with various types of software that contributed to their marketing strategy.

My learning experience here was very interesting because I love marketing and the nature of the industry in which the foundation operated.

Before I joined AviAssist I only had some basic aviation knowledge. It has been a truly fascinating field to learn more about and due to this aspect, every day would be an interesting day. To write and produce content, I would have to thoroughly do my research.

I discovered that should an opportunity arise, I would love to work in this industry again.

I am proud to have been - even for a short while - part of such an important movement - for African aviation and implicitly for the continental aviation industry.

AviAssist offered me hands-on experience in digital marketing and working alongside wonderful people was a tremendous bonus.

I want to thank everyone at AviAssist for their kindness and professionalism.


The images above represent some of the stunning work that Georgiana made in her time with the Foundation. They include a video Christmas message, a sales video directing our customers to our shop and two further social media images.

Want to learn more about aviation safety, like Georgiana? One resource to start learning the AviAssist Foundation aviation club playlist on Youtube. Click here to access that playlist