Human factors in aviation

The human element is the most flexible, adaptable and valuable part of the aviation system. But it is also the most vulnerable to influences which can adversely affect its performance. Recognising the human element of the system not only leads to a safer operation but also leads to greater productivity and smoother implementation of technology.

A good understanding and awareness of the factors influencing that human performance gives people the opportunity to improve both their individual and team performance.


This Human Factors course is a 2-day course specifically designed for aviation professionals and given by an aviation professional with a career dedicated to human factors in aviation.
All course topics are related to the daily operational work of the participants by using highly interactive methods like case studies, discussions and exercises.

  • ICAO standards & regulatory requirements
  • Human Performance and limitations
  • Human information processing
  • Human error
  • Communication
  • Stress & workload management
  • Teams & Teamwork
  • Safety Culture & Just Culture
  • Risk management


This course is designed for aviation professionals from airlines, airports, ground handlers, air navigation service providers, civil aviation authorities and other aviation operators.

The course takes a maximum of 15 participants.


Your main facilitator for this course is Frank Klap. Frank worked as a military air traffic controller in the Netherlands for 10 years. His final position in the air force was Head of Training. After joining Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) he worked as a manager in Training, ATC Simulation, Competence Development and Maintenance and Human Factors. Currently he works as program manager Human Factors. Over the last 20 years Frank developed and facilitated various Human Factor courses and Team Resource management workshops for both military and civil ATC personnel. In his capacity as chairman of the Human Factors in Aviation Group in the Netherlands, he developed an even broader appreciation of Human Factors in Aviation. More recently, Frank was responsible for one of the first multinational air traffic control teams in the world that was deliberately established to enrich the organisation's culture.
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At AviAssist, ICAO standards are our standards. Participants will be issued with an individual and uniquely numbered certificate of completion upon meeting all certification criteria. The certificate lists the topics included in the course and displays the logos of our distinguished partners and sponsors.


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