Focus Sessions – safety performance indicators

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Safety performance indicators (SPIs) are a health check for organizational safety management programs. What role do they play in safety management? What types of indicators are there? How do we get from SPIs to Safety Performance Targets? Is setting targets of zero for each risk area is sustainable?
Below are a number of resources for further reading on Safety Performance Indicators.

Click here to watch the presentation of 748 Aviation about demonstrating safety excellence to which Adrian refers which featured in a previous Focus Session.

Books tips from this episode:
Marvin's tip: 100% Ramsay by Gordon Ramsay, ISBN 978-9043911863
Adrian's tip: Airframe by Michael Chrichton, ISBN 978-0099556312
Tom's tip: Going Solo by Roald Dahl, ISBN: 9780241955796

Resources from this episode:

  1. Presentation from TAP Air Portugal about Safety Performance Indicators
  2. Paper about developing key performance indicators for airports
  3. List of sample performance indicators for airlines
  4. Video explaining the difference between leading and lagging indicators
Sample safety performance indicators