Focus Sessions – runway safety promotion

Only 30% of all African airports that should have runway safety teams according to ICAO, have them. We’re talking all about runway safety and change management for safety promotion. This Focus Session is run in co-operation with the Aviation Safety Alliance for Africa.

Our panel of Harry Harrad from Gloucestershire Airport, the Voice of Africa – Chamsou Andjorin and Adrian Young, aviation safety specialist from consultancy firm to70 talk all things runway safety & safety promotion.

Refer others to this page so they can learn too! After all, we collectively own the global aviation safety record.

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Books tips from this episode:
Chamsou Andjorin's tip: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by malcolm Gladwell, ISBN 978-0141014593
Adrian Young's tip: The 39 Steps by Alfred Hitchcock, ISBN 978-1570194825
Harry Harrad's tip: World Airline Colours : Volume One by Ricky-dene Halliday, ISBN 978-0946141517