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Management of change is an important aspect of safety management. Change can introduce new hazards that could impact the appropriateness and effectiveness of how a company has addressed its risk (risk mitigation). Can changes be managed more effectively and lead to safer operations? There will be changes all the time; changes in the industry, changes in the organisations, changes in the academic views etc. There will always be resistance against change. People don’t seem to like it. Can changes be managed more effectively and lead to safer operations?

Join us for these and other questions with our panel of experts at the table in our studio.

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This Focus Session we’ll be talking about Management of Change. Our guests will be Aderonke Emmanuel James from Overland Airways (Nigeria), Bruce Mukabi from Safarilink (Kenya) and Prof. Graham Braithwaite (Cranfield University).

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Good read book tips from this episode:
Aderonke Emmanuel James' good read book tip: Gifted hands by Ben Carson, ISBN 978-0310214694

Bruce Mukabi's good read book tip: The Monk who sold his Ferrari, by Robin Sharma, ISBN 978-0007497348

Prof. Graham Braithwaite's good read book tip: Riding the waves of culture, by Fons Trompenaars, ISBN 978-1529346183