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Focus Sessions online TV: Working as an Air Traffic Controller across cultures

25-03-2022 | 4:00 pm 5:00 pm UTC+2

African aviation professionals increasingly find their professional way around the world. What is it like to move from one national culture to another? What can you learn from working in different cultures as an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO)? In this episode, our guest is Marvin Rangarira. Marvin started his career as an air traffic controller in Zimbabwe. From there, he joined one of the leading Air Navigation Service Providers in Africa, ATNS. He now works as an ATC Training Specialist at Dutch Air Traffic Control (LVNL). What lessons are there to be learned from his journey? How can you deal with change in your career, especially if you cross cultural borders too? What has he learned about training and selection of ATCOs in his colourful career?