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shows an aircraft engine after a bird strike

Continuing Airworthiness Management course

Part 1 – Complete 4 on demand lectures & assignments
April 23 to May 12

Part 2 – Livestreamed questions & answer sessions
May 25 & May 27

This course will help you with your maintenance management to balance safe performance, maximum reliability, and availability. The development and use of aircraft maintenance programs are at the core of this course. Continuing Airworthiness is not just the maintenance of aircraft and equipment. It also involves monitoring the performance of products in service. It includes recording service difficulties to assess significance with respect to safety and airworthiness for the specific aircraft/product involved and for similar aircraft/products. A timely response is required where airworthiness is affected.

The two-part launch edition of this course will be delivered online.

Part ONE

Self-paced. Consists of 4 online ‘on demand’ modules each 45 minutes in length. Modules 1 & 2 will be available from 16 to 31 April, modules 3 & 4 from the 25th until the 31st of April). This part of the course will take you approximately 12 hours in total (incl. work on assignments)

Participants can complete the modules at a time and date that is convenient to them (between the dates mentioned above).

Modules include individual and group assignments which must be completed by the 5th of May.

Part TWO

Available to those who have handed in your assignments and met the certification criteria of Part One.

Consists of two 45-minute live webinars (Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th of May). This part of the course will take you approximately 4 hours in total (incl. preparation)

Participants must join on these specific days and times to be able to join the discussion and the question-and-answer sessions. Questions will have to be submitted beforehand. Further details will be provided.

Participants will be awarded a personalized certificate with a unique number after successful completion of all course assignments with a 75% pass mark and having met all other continuous assessment criteria (incl. active participation).

Due to extensive sponsoring by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, Willis Towers and Watson, and aircraft manufacturer ATR, participation in the launch edition of this course is only US$ 49.

Please note: the maximum number of participants in this course is 15.