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Africa Day celebrations

25-05-2023 | 11:50 am

Let’s celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of our beloved continent & its safety professionals. We’ll look at the safety progress achieved over the past decades and discuss strategies to enhance safety leadership. Let’s collaborate and build a safer aviation industry for Africa. Be there!

– What have been the biggest improvements in aviation and aviation safety to celebrate over the past decades?
– Safety and safety oversight – how has it changed over the past decades?
– Safety Is About People – how are our people, our African aviation professionals doing?
– What do you see as the biggest opportunities for really pushing the boundary of safety in the coming decades?

We’ll discuss this and more with guests at the table including Next General Aviation Professional Ghanaian lawyer Nana Agyeman Abu-Bonsra, AviAssist’s own Marily Heyster with 2 decades of aviation safety work in Africa and Chamsou Andjorin (fmr. Director Boeing Africa) with 4 decades of aviation safety work in Africa.

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