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International standards

Our courses are designed following a five step course design process and follow international standards as laid out by the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, leading regulators from across the world and leading industry associations. At our ASPC-Rwanda, we are working hand in hand with the University of Rwanda and the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority.

Upon completion of the course and meeting all assessment criteria, your certificate with its unique identifier provides proof that you and you alone took and passed the course. At the back of our certificates, you'll find an overview of the topics covered for reference purposes.

Professional & passionate

What makes us unique is that we work with highly qualified professional volunteers facilitators, instructors and experts. This means they are only motivated by their dedication to safety promotion and not by financial gain. They come from organisations and companies that are supervised by European aviation safety oversight bodies. The letters of credentials of our volunteers make it easy to verify their pedigree and experience.


Aeronautical Knowledge for Safety

This blended learning online course provides you with all the aeronautical knowledge you need to support safety in your company, whether this is your first job or this is your first job in aviation.

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Peer Support Training

Trained peer volunteers, working with the oversight of qualified health professionals enhance the wellbeing of industry personnel, preserving careers and enhancing aviation safety.

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Aviation incident investigation

Incident and occurrence investigation is a major component of the organisation’s safety management system. This course prepares you for your role in incidents and occurrence investigations.

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Air Law & Policy

Aviation and aviation safety is regulated by (international) air law. Having a good understanding of the air transport regulatory system is crucial to produce safety.

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Airport rescue & firefighting

This course is a combined ab-initio & refresher training on best practices and standard operating procedures. It is delivered in a limited series of lectures in combination but with lots of practical demonstrations, table top exercises, live fire and other exercises.

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Airport Engineering & Safety

This course is aimed at airport planners, designers, inspectors and managers who are responsible for establishing and maintaining efficient and safe airports that enable reliable aircraft operations now and in the future.

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Aircraft Marshalling Course

This intensive course will equip the participants with the skills to perform as an aircraft marshaller, with in-depth aircraft knowledge as well marshalling signals & techniques.

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Aeronautical Information Management

This 5-day training helps you prepare and focus on the transition from Aeronautical Information Services to Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).

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