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Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Management course

4 Weeks
All levels
23 lessons
3 quizzes
2 students

Welcome to the launch edition of the AviAssist Foundation’s course on Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance management.
This course consists of two parts.

The first part consists of 4 on-demand modules. Each of these four modules consists of a pre-recorded lecture and a number of assignments. Modules 1 & 2 will be available from Friday the 16th of April. Modules 3 & 4 will be made available from Sunday the 25th of April onwards.

The topics of the modules are as follows:
Module 0 – Course introduction
Module 1  – Introduction to airline maintenance and airworthiness
Module 2 – Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Management: requirements and regulations
Module 3 – Aircraft maintenance program development and improvement
Module 4 – Aircraft maintenance documents and recording system

The second part of this course consists of 2 live sessions on 25 & 27 May (NEW DATES) – learners have to attend BOTH the livestream sessions. The live sessions will start at 10:00 Central European Time exactly and will last no longer than 1,5 hours. That means they finish at 11:30 Central European Time. If you arrive late, you will simply have less time to interact, ask further clarification etc.

You can only qualify for a certificate of completion if you meet all certification criteria. Click here for the AviAssist grading policy with the certification criteria. The applicable certificate will be sent to you within 30 days of course closure at the 27th of May.




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Tom Kok

Director AviAssist Foundation

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