My start at the AviAssist Safety Promotion Centre-Rwanda – by Freddy Gitare

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A dream ignited

When I was a child, my family resided near the airports of Goma, DRC, and Gisenyi in the western region of Rwanda. Living close to these airports afforded me the opportunity to witness airplanes in flight. One amusing memory involves a daily event at 10:00 AM. That is when the HEWABORA aircraft would leave from Goma. This event served as our informal alarm, signaling that it was time to enjoy our morning porridge.

My educational journey began in the Rubavu district, Rwanda. I attended primary school there with a fervent hope of becoming a pilot. This dream persisted as I progressed through my Ordinary Level studies. However, challenges arose during my academic path. The lack of physics courses in my Advanced level curriculum hindered my pursuit of aviation studies. Despite this setback, my passion for mathematics remained strong. Therefore, I shifted my focus towards engineering. The transition was successful. I did well in school and started my journey in civil engineering. I specialized in water resource engineering.


Freddy being welcomed by Prof. Umaru Garba Wali, Dean, School of Engineering, College of Science and Technology (CST) at University of Rwanda. UR-CST is the host of Africa's first aviation safety promotion centre, the AviAssist Safety Promotion Centre - Rwanda

Joining AviAssist at the ASPC-Rwanda

After my bachelor's degree, I was lucky. I got an invitation from the AviAssist Foundation to apply for a trainee position at the AviAssist Safety Promotion Centre - Rwanda. I was chosen from many applicants to join the AviAssist team. The selection procedure was rigorous and challenging. This opportunity felt like the realization of a dream, although it was not in the field of piloting. Instead, it involved championing aviation safety initiatives across Africa. This proved to be a fascinating and fulfilling endeavor. Indeed, my journey with AviAssist became a captivating chapter in my life story.

Freddy & Tom

AviAssist Director Tom Kok (right), AviAssist Director welcomed Freddy to ASPC-Rwanda on his first day in the office.  

Embracing opportunities

In my early days at AviAssist, I went to a special talk at the University of Technology and Business (UTB). There, I learned about aviation safety, specifically in Africa. I also had a chance to present to IATA students at UTB, supporting the development of my public speaking skills.
I learned about the role of AviAssist in promoting Aviation Safety in Africa. I was eager to learn more.

AviAssist also offered me the chance to enroll in a great online course at a leading aviation university, the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands (TU Delft) called: "Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering." I am now working towards earning my certificate from the university.

AviAssist played a pivotal role in facilitating my integration into the aviation sector. As a simple example, they encouraged me to study phonetic alphabets. These are essential for clear aviation communication. Additionally, they recognized the importance of my skill in English. They offered me access to an English instructor. This invaluable support not only helped me improve my language skills. It also boosted my confidence in interacting with the vast aviation community.

After a brief introduction period, they appointed me as the new coordinator of the AviAssist Safety Promotion Center (ASPC)-Rwanda. I express my gratitude to our director, Tom, for entrusting me with this role. His trust in me boosted my confidence. It also ignited a determination to do even more during my time with AviAssist. I am committed to working with the whole AviAssist team and contribute to Safety Promotion In African Aviation.

First days in office

Coordinator Freddy engaging with students at UTB University in Kigali and enjoying a sports outing with the ASPC-Rwanda team at Green Park Gahanga

Looking ahead

When I reflect on my journey so far, I see that I was once a dreamer with a passion for aviation. Now, I am a dedicated advocate for aviation safety. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that have come my way. My path has been unusual. It led to the start of a promising career. I combine my engineering expertise with my love for aviation, hoping to make a difference in the industry.

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