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This year we're presenting to you a new discount in partnership with Aviation Africa. By becoming a new corporate friend of AviAssist, you will qualify for a 10% discount as a new exhibitor at Aviation Africa 2022 Conference*.

Whether you're supporting AviAssist Foundation as a corporate friend or just a friend or even a volunteer, your work makes a difference. Your support helps cement a shift in aviation safety in Africa. Your support means we can connect an African colleague to the best aviation safety practices with a 'Pay-it-forward' subscription to SafetyFocus magazine. Donations small and large will impact the foundation's ability to equip African professionals with the latest best practices and skills, as well as encourage professionals to stay in the aviation industry.

*This offer only applies to NEW exhibitors at Aviation Africa

Main Office

The Foundation is registered in the Netherlands at Rotterdam Airportplein 60, 3045 AP in Rotterdam.

We work from home offices to keep our overheads to a minimum. That way, we can spend as many of our resources as possible on safety promotion in Africa. We have staff based in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, a trainee working in Kigali at the ASPC-Rwanda and volunteers from all over the world.

You can contact the Foundation at:

tel.: +44 (0)7552.816.435



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