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Focus Sessions

By Tom Kok | 01/11/2021

In the Focus Sessions, we’ll inform, inspire and entertain for African aviation safety. Each session, we’ll receive seasoned safety veterans in the studio to talk safety.

Felicen standing outside in nature.

Interview with Felicien Izaturwanaho, Coordinator at ASPC Rwanda, about his experience taking the Master Class in Human Factors & Safety

By Marketing | 20/09/2021

An interview with Felicien Izaturwanaho about his experience taking the Human Factors & Safety Masterclass.

Blaise on his graduation.

Interview with Blaise Bazimya, a former AviAssist intern

By Marketing | 10/09/2021

AviAssist Foundation is proud of our first Rwandan intern who recently graduated from UTB university in Rwanda. Here is an interview with Blaise Bazimya about his experience working with AviAssist…

Let’s talk

By Marketing | 02/07/2021

We are keen to cultivate our conversations with you – the safety champions out there. We work hard in those conversations to understand your needs. That is the goal of…

Logo of AviAssist volunteer meeting.

5 Highlights from AviAssist Volunteer Event

By Marketing | 23/06/2021

Last week on Thursday we held our professionals’ volunteer’s day to celebrate their work. We also updated them on a number of key developments at AviAssist and informed them on…

Online Masterclass Human Factors

By Tom Kok | 07/06/2021

Did you know that estimates indicate that somewhere between 70 & 80 percent of all aviation accidents involve human error, at least in part?

SIAA 2020 Highlights thumbnail

SIAA2020 Highlights

By Jordan Hammond | 16/03/2021

A collection of speakers from AviAssist’s SIAA2020.

Of Hope and Purpose

By Tom Kok | 15/02/2021

Hope in these times of corona lies in rebuilding of the role of aviation, in supporting the people that make our industry work and make it work safely.