Aviation mental health

Aviation personnel work in a unique environment and endure a range of stressors that may place them at increased risk of developing mental health issues. The Corona pandemic has made this even more acute. Make sure your organisation is equipped with international best practices so you recognise early warning signs and can act appropriately.

Regulatory body records suggest mental health conditions are second only to cardiovascular disease as a reason for loss of licence. For that reason, the application of psychology and use of qualified psychologists should be an integral part of the aviation industry's investment in the wellbeing of their staff.

The aviation industry must invest in its staff to give them the skills to understand, monitor and maintain their mental wellbeing. Make sure your organisation is equipped with international best practices so you recognise early warning signs and can act appropriately.

Internationally, ICAO, leading regulators and aviation psychology associations are adopting new standards to improve how our industry deals with mental health issues.


In this course, we provide participants with knowledge and understanding of mental wellbeing in the aviation industry and how to identify and address issues that impact the safety performance of aviation personnel.

All course topics are related to the daily operational work of the participants by using highly interactive methods like case studies, discussions and exercises.


This course is designed for aviation medical examiners, government safety inspectors, chiefs flight operations, crew planners, cabin crew managers, human resource managers, crew chiefs, safety managers, flight operations officers & aircraft dispatchers.

The course takes a maximum of 15 participants.


Your main facilitator for this course is Erik Lely. Erik is a qualified and practising psychologist and has been responsible for the selection and training of Royal Netherlands Airforce pilots. He worked at the Centre for Man in Aviation in the Netherlands, delivers high-end aviation based crew resource management training to the aviation industry and the medical industry and provides individual coaching to pilots, including those involved in aircraft accidents.

Course subjects include

  • ICAO and international best practices
  • The work and personal lives of cockpit & cabin crew
  • Specific mental health risks associated with aviation
  • Aviation mental health & pilot licensing requirements
  • Common mental health problems among aircrew
  • Guidance from ICAO, EASA and other leading regulators & aviation psychology associations
  • Psychological assessment and reporting
  • Overview of psychology of human factors

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