Aviation Incident Investigation

Incident and occurrence investigation is a major component of the organisation’s safety management system. It is an essential ingredient of the overall risk management process. The safety management value of the investigation is proportional to the quality of the investigative effort.
Identifying the lessons to be learned from incidents and safety occurrence requires an understanding of not just what happened, but why it happened.

As investigations are often carried out by a single person, the organisation should ensure that investigators possess the necessary skills, experience and support to carry out their duties.


The course content is aimed at preparing those who may be required to carry out investigations into incidents and occurrences, or to act as advisors or technical representatives to incident or accident investigation teams for their role.


After completion of the course participants will have a clear understanding of the fundamentals behind incident investigation and the roles that will be played by operators, regulators, manufacturers, legal and government investigation agencies. Upon completion, delegates will be able to conduct incident investigations within their organisation’s safety management system and also co-operate with major accident investigations.


Aviation professionals, including

  • safety managers
  • Airport, airline & Air Traffic Management safety managers
  • Managers
  • Staff from aviation authorities
  • Staff & managers from independent aviation accident & incident investigation organisations

Course subject include

  • ICAO Annex 13
  • James Reason model
  • Risk analysis
  • ICAO incident report format
  • Data collection
  • Report writing
  • Interview techniques
  • History writing
  • Human factors
  • Litigation
  • Investigation checklist
  • Investigation protocol & management
  • Analysis method & writing
  • Case studies

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