Aviation mental health

This course will provide participants with a detailed level of knowledge and an understanding on how to identify and address mental issues that impact the performance of aviation personnel.

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Continuing Airworthiness Management

shows an aircraft engine after a bird strike

This course helps operators ensure that aircraft comply with airworthiness and safety requirements at any time in their operating lifes. The course provides a comprehensive overview of how to improve fleet availability and safety, reduce maintenance costs and improve third party maintenance performance.

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Aviation incident investigation


Incident and occurrence investigation is a major component of the organisation’s safety management system. This course prepares you for your role in incidents and occurrence investigations.

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Air Law & Policy

Aviation and aviation safety is regulated by (international) air law. Having a good understanding of the air transport regulatory system is crucial to produce safety.

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Airport rescue & firefighting


This course is a combined ab-initio & refresher training on best practices and standard operating procedures. It is delivered in a limited series of lectures in combination but with lots of practical demonstrations, table top exercises, live fire and other exercises.

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Airport Engineering & Safety

This course is aimed at airport planners, designers, inspectors and managers who are responsible for establishing and maintaining efficient and safe airports that enable reliable aircraft operations now and in the future.

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