Airport Engineering & Safety

This course is aimed at airport planners, designers and managers who are responsible for establishing and maintaining an efficient and safe airport that enable reliable aircraft operations at airports now and in the future.

The number of new airport projects and airport expansion projects in Africa is growing rapidly.
Airport engineers research, design and oversee the construction, renovation and maintenance of airports. Airport engineers generally hold a degree in civil, mechanical or structural engineering. This course aims to ease the preparation to transition from general engineering into a fascinating career in airport engineering.


This course provides participants with an understanding of the key principles and practices relating to airport engineering. Participants will be introduced to the appropriate and relevant regulatory requirements and to commonly adopted international design standards and ICAO regulations.


The course will equip engineers, airport planners, designers and managers who are responsible for establishing and maintaining safe, efficient and reliable aircraft operations at African airports now and in the future by letting them:

  • Acquire technical knowledge on airport-related engineering practices in accordance with international standards
  • Examine major criteria and considerations involved in airport engineering & engineering supervision
  • Learn about factors to consider in the design and construction of airports and its facilities
  • Gain valuable insights into current engineering practices

Course subjects include

  • Airside geometric designs:
    Runway, taxiway and apron layouts, obstacle limitation surfaces, markings and signage and airside operational procedures
  • Airside pavement engineering
  • Visual aids
    Aeronautical Ground Lighting, surface markings, signs, obstacle lighting & markings & docking systems
  • Navigational aids
    DVOR/DME, ILS, communications
  • Global Reporting Format Runway Surface Condition

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