Aircraft Marshalling Course

This course can be deployed as a combined ab-initio & refresher training. The role of the aircraft marshaller is an important element of managing aircraft on the ramp. The aircraft marshaller provides the essential visual link to assist the flight crew in positioning the aircraft correctly and in ensuring airside safety. Yet, very few airports in Africa have an opportunity to access practical training - until now.

The course raises awareness of all organisational elements of ramp safety and considers the various challenges which marshallers face in their daily jobs. It follows the training as provided at the EASA approved airport where our instructors work and train.


This course will provide aircraft marshallers with the necessary knowledge and skills to control the movement of aircraft on the apron in a safe and efficient manner according to local and internationally prescribed standards.

The course trains on international (ICAO) standards as well as the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and IATA Ground Handling Manual (IGOM).
The course has numerous practical and On-the-job sessions.

Due to the highly interactive nature of this course, the maximum number of participants is 5 per course. This course would normally be given two times in one week to cater for up to 10 learners.


The training will be delivered in a limited series of lectures in combination with a wide variety of practical demonstrations, table top exercises and other exercises.


Please note that this course requires extra facilities including a vehicle with airside access and a classroom from where airside access can easily be obtained. A list of required facilities will need to be completed at the time of booking this course.


  • Aircraft marshaller
  • Ground handling staff
  • Airport Operations Officers
  • Duty managers operations
  • Turnaround Coordinators
  • Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Operators

In addition, it is suitable for Operator Ground Staff or Quality Assurance Staff who need to have a comprehensive understanding of the Ramp Processes.

Course subject include

  • Introduction to ICAO & IATA standards
  • Aircraft familiarization
  • Background to marshaling signals
  • Movement & technical signals
  • Foreign Object Debris & Damage
  • Aircraft arrival inspection
  • Marshalling techniques
  • Obtaining & acknowledging ATC clearance
  • Airside operations
  • Apron safety
  • Practical exercises on the ramp
  • On-the-job observations & training

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This course is given on location in Africa as an in-company course. Individual enrollment is not possible. Please ask your company/organisation to contact us for a quotation to affordably train 10 aircraft marshallers in one week.

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