Aeronautical knowledge for safety (AK4S)


You want to make sure your staff is equipped with all the aeronautical knowledge they need to support safety in your company and help build your case for safety excellence with your insurance broker at the time of renewal. But it is difficult and expensive to continuously train new staff members at both operational and mid-management levels on crucial safety knowledge and skills. This course takes away some of the pain for employers of onboarding new staff and will help you retain staff too.

The course assists employers with affordable induction training, motivates staff and gives them both an outline for further professional development opportunities. It was developed by industry experts from the Netherlands and Zambia and tested by new and experienced staff in four African countries.

The blended learning course consists of curated videos that are watched on demand over a two-week period. That is combined with assessor-led live sessions in which participants are assessed for their knowledge. It provides an appreciation of the risks and safety components related to the daily working environment at the airport. The course modules include


  • New staff in aviation organisations & companies
  • Aircraft loaders
  • Ground handling staff
  • Middle managers new to the aviation industry
  • Dispatchers in training
  • Flight operations officers

Previous customers include the NAC2000 Ground Handling, Zambia

Course subjects

The main subjects in this course are:

  • human factors
  • dangerous goods
  • airside safety
  • container & pallet inspection
  • principles of flight
  • aircraft performance
  • weight & balance

This course is a blended online course, meaning it is both affordable and easily accessible from any place in the world.

Human Factors in Aviation

May 6 | 8:00 am - May 7 | 5:00 pm EAT
Landover Aviation Business School

Team Leadership in Aviation

May 7 - May 10
Landover Aviation Business School