Aeronautical Information Management

The importance of aeronautical information/data changed significantly with the implementation of area navigation (RNAV), performance-based navigation (PBN), airborne computer-based navigation systems and data link systems.


This 5-day intensive AIS-AIM training assists all parties involved in AIS (data originators, aeronautical information service providers and AIS oversight bodies) in preparing to implement Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).


  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of all parties in the aeronautical data chain (data originators, AIS oversight bodies, AIS and data providers)
  • Recognize the key components in the management of aeronautical data and information
  • Understand the concept of safety oversight applied to AIS including the oversight roles and responsibilities
  • Understand how to prepare the transition from AIS to AIM as a prerequisite for a SWIM enabled environment (SWIM - System Wide Information Management)
  • Understand the role AIM plays within ICAO Global Air Traffic Management


  • Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) staff
  • Senior AIS officers
  • Newly recruited AIS/M staff
  • Chief Air Traffic Control Officers
  • Flight safety staff
  • Air Navigation Services staff

Course subject include

  • Aircraft familiarisation
  • Safety impact of aeronautical information
  • AIM principles
  • ICAO Roadmap from AIS to AIM
  • AIRAC cycle & its importance
  • Aircraft performance & AIM data
  • Aeronautical Information - the pilot’s view
  • Common reference system in AIS – WGS-84
  • Performance Based Navigation
  • Introduction to risk management & Safety Management Systems
  • General aeronautical knowledge refresher

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